The Reasons To Wear Dhoti

India has so many traditional dances as well as traditional clothes called Dhoti. Have you ever visited India before? If you have not, it is a perfect time to visit India now to get to know everything about India; Starts from the food, traditional dance, and all the things that related to the culture there. For your information, Dhoti is not for women but it is a traditional cloth for men. So, if you are a man and you love India things then it is necessary for you to visit India to try Dhoti. If you want to know more about Dhoti then you can enrich your knowledge about it here. Dhoti is from four to six feet long white, it is a cloth piece that is covering the lower part of men’s bodies. Well, mainly men in villages are the ones that wear this traditional cloth. When you want to try it, there you can learn about the style first.

Usually, they will wrap with the help of a belt, a flat and simple one around the waist. If you are wondering when they wear Dhoti, it is usually for some special occasions and also official meeting too. It becomes the national icons as well that is why there are still so many people that really love wearing Dhoti. When you come to India and by any chance there are special ceremonies or even festival or social gathering, you are allowed to wear Dhoti. It is true that every country has its own tradition and culture; you are doing it right when you come to some countries because you will get to learn about the differences in this world.

When you wear Dhoti, you can feel those special feelings because you are wearing something that you have not worn before. Dhoti is a special traditional cloth that you cannot miss wearing!


You Will Look More Beautiful When You Wear Sari

Are you the one who loves Indian movies? If you really are then you must be so familiar with the clothes that Indian women usually wear. Well, it called Sari and I am pretty sure there are moments that make you want to wear it because you think that it is cool and also pretty as well. For your information, Sari is a draped dress that is typically wrapped around the waist. It created from a single piece of cloth five to even nine yards long. It looks so special to see someone wears Sari because she will look beautiful with the makeup on. Besides that, it is so elegant if you wear it as a ceremonial gown.

You probably have heard about Dhoti before, if men wear Dhoti then women wear Sari. It is like 75% of the female population in India wear Sari and it is the oldest items of clothing that is still in use even now. If you really love spending your free time watching Indian TV series like dramas, you can see that the women there still wear Sari and only few who wear casual clothes.

There are some popular types of Sari that you need to know, but there is a popular type of Sari called Banarasi Sari which is hand woven in Banaras. It is the fashionable type of Sari way back then because there are so many people that admire this type of Sari because Banarasi is so eye catching, colorful dyed silk fabric. Can you imagine you wear Sari while dancing a traditional dance in India? It must be so great, right? That is the reason why you need to use this great chance to come to India and directly wear Sari. It would be amazing for you to come along with your loved one so that he can wear Dhoti as well.

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